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By Kevin Adam Flores Barbosa

Embers combust around your body
To rise and fall with a wind’s gust
As unborn wings emerge from
Behind a blazing bronze.

Through cremation of repressed rage,
You manage to resurrect and rebirth yourself
Bearing a warrior’s soul, soaring
Across the stars like a phoenix.

I travel beyond this conscious state
For my projection to reach holiness
On a sacred path penetrating the vast,
An aurora arranged for me to follow.

Your resilience makes me question my worth
Yet your flames are the same that ignite
My passion, my spirit, my devotion;
I am but a sparked fire, burning intensely.

You disorient my stellar perception
With the ecstasy of thy pulchritude,
By your aerial analogy of our heaven
That lit in me the inextinguishable.

Kevin Adam Flores Barbosa is an American poet and short-story writer. His work is featured in Fleas on the Dog and Blink-Ink’s Kitty Wang press. He has been published in The Chachalaca Review, UTRGV’s Gallery and Pulse magazines, The Rio Review, and others. He is a bittersweet author residing in Texas.

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