This publication was created as an alternative to the often impersonal and frustrating world of traditional literary submissions.

In the short time I’ve spent working to develop my writing career, I’ve received dozens of form letter rejections. (I just got another this morning!) Rejection is a quintessential part of being a writer. Some days a rejection gives me a burst of energy to rework the piece, look for a better fit, or switch to another mode of writing.

But there are other days that just feel like a slog through the mud. What’s frustrating is not the fact that places don’t want my work. It’s that despite reading their publications, working hard to choose a good fit, and going through several edits, I’m rejected without a clear indication as to why. If you’ve submitted your own work and been rejected, maybe you’ve felt this same way. If you haven’t submitted your work or don’t consider yourself a real writer, maybe this is part of the reason. It’s hard to be rejected.

But at Too Well Away, you won’t be. As long as your work meets certain community guidelines, it will be published. Contributors and editors will work collaboratively to ensure the best possible version of the work submitted. We ask that you send no more than one piece per submission period. We will accept up to 50 pieces per issue and give each one the care and attention it deserves.

Too Well Away is offering two of the most valuable things a writer can have access to: genuine feedback and publication. And in that, we are creating another highly valuable asset: community. Come read the work of other writers being published outside the traditional model. Come celebrate writing and creating as they were meant to be celebrated – without gatekeeping.


Amber Thompson, Editor

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